Racing and Games

Racing and Games have similarities.

Objective: Overview of my journey into Racing and Games.

Both require hard work, commitment and teamwork.

Before I explain more, let me tell you a story…

I grew up with my dad working on his race car; an ’87 Iroc-Z Camaro. This car was very unique, running 9 seconds in the quarter mile. I first started working on cars at about 4 years old and I later got involved in Junior Drag Racing (Jr’s). My first race was in Primm, Nevada at the Sand Drags. I remember I was scared and nervous, however, I did quite well my first time down the track and I was hooked!

This began my career in asphalt Jr. drag racing. From 2006–2012 I had had many successful endeavors. Additionally I have participated in several other types of racing series including circle track midgets, super gas / super comp for NHRA through 2018 when I decided to focus on school.

My Success in Racing.

I began my journey in racing when I was 10 years old. I collected many accolades along the way, and still hold a passion for racing.

My Success in Games.

My first award in games was this Environment Final Project, rendered in Autodesk Maya.

I have stepped out of my comfort zone of racing and rapidly gained interest in the field of gaming.

Along my game dev journey, I have had good and bad experiences just like I did in racing, which has prepared me for the struggle. Designing games, just like racing takes dedication, commitment and focus.

One thing I enjoy about game dev is working in teams; that is something that is lacking in racing. Collaborating with others to achieve a goal is gratifying. (This image below is from a game jam I participated in).

Recently I have pursued my education further and received my Master’s degree in Game Design.

Images below are featured in my original Master’s Thesis Game Project, Project ’87. This was a personal project and unfortunately was cancelled.

Fast Forward: Joining another team.

Fall of 2019 I joined a different team to complete my Master’s degree.

CMT, Catch My Tail team it is!

(Below are in-game images captured).

After much hard work, I achieved my Master’s degree in Game Design.

Recap: I am very proud of my accomplishments, however I look forward to continuing to learn and grow as a game developer.




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