Inside Unreal Engine 4

I’ve began my journey learning Unreal Engine this year (2021).

Objective: Exploring the interface of Unreal Engine and taking a look inside Unreal Engine 4.

We can select a type of project from a list of project categories.

We can slate a blank project from scratch or start with a template project.

Once we make our selection, we can finish the install process at our chosen project directory stored on our machines.

When we load our scene, we will begin with a Starter Content scene.

Within our project view we have:

  • World Outliner (Holds all Actor data placed in scene)
  • Content Browser (Where our project contents are stored)
  • Game (Scene) Window
  • Details tab (Modify our components)
  • World Settings (Modify our world settings)
  • Place Actors (Actors that will be placed within the World Outliner tab and inside our scene for objects to be spawned)
  • Pawns (Base class for all actors)
  • Modes (Create Landscapes, Foliage, Brush editing, Mesh painting)
  • Blueprints (Creating our Blueprints (Visual Scripting) for gameplay actions)
  • Cinematics (Creating cinematic sequence in our level)
  • Build (Build our game to test level (lighting data, visibility data, navigation data, brush model updates)
  • Launch (deploy and play our built game on our desired platform)

Now that we have a general overview inside Unreal Engine 4, we will begin making a simple scene next.



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