Getting Started with Unity Game Engine: General Overview

No matter which engine someone chooses to make something cool with, it takes time and practice to learn the ins and outs of how the engine works.

Objective: Showcase the installation and initial game development process with Unity Game Engine.

To begin we search for in the search engine “downloading unity 3d”.

Click the Download Archive option and go into the download archives unity page.

Install the latest version of Unity.

There will be a download assistant plugin shown on the bottom left of the screen to prompt the installation process. Select a download path to begin downloading.

(This will take a few minutes to install).

After the download is complete, launch Unity and you have successfully downloaded Unity to start creating!

Inside Unity there are multiple user-interface (UI) windows.

  • Hierarchy window: stores object data.
  • Scene view window: contents to modify for our game scene.
  • Game view window: contents where the game will output commands and objects to play and test our game.
  • Assets window: stores all imported data in the project.
  • Project window: a global data base for project data stored.
  • Inspector window: component data that allows for attaching scripts and adjusting values to translate to the game scene.
  • Navigation window: this allows for Baked areas: Area lighting, Scenes, Objects (Meshes and Terrain) within the project, and Agents.
  • Animation window: objects that can be animated in real-time, making use keyframe animations with recording functionality.
  • Timeline window: allowing for Cinematic events and Motion Capture (Animation Clips).

Next we will look at creating objects within our scene and make a simple prototype.



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