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  • Riya Jain

    Riya Jain

    I am a B.Tech. Undergrad and loves programming. Scholar at Google Women Techmakers and currently exploring different tech fields.

  • Gerald Clark

    Gerald Clark

    Aspiring Unity Developer, Game Audio Designer and Music Composer

  • Jonathan Weinberger

    Jonathan Weinberger

    I’ve taught over 100,000 people how to code. I use game development as a gateway to software engineering. Learn more: https://gamedevhq.com

  • James West

    James West

    Turning my passion for video games and 11 years of software development experience into a focus on video game development using Unity3D.

  • Paul Marsh

    Paul Marsh

    Unity, VR, Enterprise and .Net Developer

  • Thomas Kesler

    Thomas Kesler

    A Unity Developer with a fondness for Fantasy games and the challenge of pushing boundaries.

  • Brian Branch

    Brian Branch

    I'm a Unity developer.

  • Al Heck

    Al Heck

    Unity Developer and Software Engineer who loves making games with GameDevHQ

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