Creating a Unity Project: Exploring the interface and making a simple scene

Zac Bogner
3 min readJun 28, 2021


As we looked at before the overview of Unity Game Engine, our next step is to dive into the basics of the interface by creating a simple scene.

Objective: Understand the basic framework of how Unity works and create a scene to begin.

We will look at Assets, and GameObject's, and Creating Materials within the Project.

The assets tab allows us to have access to multiple components in project.

We will make a Folder to organize our work.

In the assets window, we have a new folder to name. We will name this Our Work.

  • A shortcut is to (Right-click + in Assets window) to access the shortcut to assets contents.

Now moving into our Scene’s Hierarchy.

Anywhere in the the scene’s hierarchy lets Right-Click and access our shortcut menu to create assets. We will make a 3D Object — Plane for our Floor.

Next lets make a Player Character, and this time we will make a Cube.

On the right in the image above, the Inspector controls all the components attached to the GameObject Cube and / or Plane.

The Transform tool allows us to access world space coordinates in X,Y,Z which handles Movement, Rotation, and Scale properties.

  • X — Red — Left and Right Movement
  • Y — Green — Up and Down Movement
  • Z — Blue — Forward and Backward Movement

We can Create Materials for our Player Character and Floor.

By Right-Clicking in the assets window, we can make our Material to apply to our GameObject’s.

We can name our material Floor_Mat and Ctl+D to duplicate another instance of our material and rename it to Player_Mat.

After, we can select our materials and drag them onto our GameObject’s by material name given. Player_Mat on Player Character and Floor_Mat on Floor.

We can change the material properties by clicking on our material in the assets window. Once we do that, we will see a material property window inside our Inspector.

Finally, this applies the material changes to our scene. Next, we will look at the technical side of how to get components of our GameObject's to allow them to have interaction.



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