2D Space Shooter (Galaxy Shooter) — Overview : Game Features Pt. 1

As a study and practice games can be very challenging to start and complete.

Games require costs (time and money) and resources to make them shine.

Objective: An overview of my first week making a fully playable 2D space shooter game.

In this 2D Space Shooter Game, we look at all that’s been completed since the initial project creation date (6/15/21) — Week 1 development progress (6/23/21)

Within a few days I’ve accomplished quite a bit of ground work from initial prototype to full gameplay loop.

During initial development I completed the following features:

  • The ability to move my Player Controller.
  • The ability to fire a Projectile.
  • The ability for detecting Collisions.
  • The ability to use Co-Routines to spawn the enemy space ships.
  • The ability to Destroy and play death Animations for the enemies.
  • The ability to create and spawn various Power-Ups.
  • The ability to create an initialize (start) game method.
  • The ability to access other scripts through Inheritance to access another class attribute or property.
  • The ability to apply a Thrust mechanic for the player controller.
  • The ability to add Score.
  • The ability to create a special projectile type spawned from a power-up.
  • The ability to reduce the player Lives.
  • The ability to have a adjustable Ammo-count.
  • The ability to enable a player Shield.
  • The ability to Restart the game.
  • The ability to Exit the game.
  • The ability to add Post-Processing effects for game Juice.

Despite some game bugs, there are more features to implement in the future.



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