2D Space Shooter (Galaxy Shooter) — Overview : Game Features Pt. 1

As a study and practice games can be very challenging to start and complete.

Games require costs (time and money) and resources to make them shine.

Objective: An overview of my first week making a fully playable 2D space shooter game.

In this 2D Space Shooter Game, we look at all that’s been completed since the initial project creation date (6/15/21) — Week 1 development progress (6/23/21)

Within a few days I’ve accomplished quite a bit of ground work from initial prototype to full gameplay loop.

During initial development I completed the following features:

  • The ability to move my Player Controller.
  • The ability to fire a Projectile.
  • The ability for detecting Collisions.
  • The ability to use Co-Routines to spawn the enemy space ships.
  • The ability to Destroy and play death Animations for the enemies.
  • The ability to create and spawn various Power-Ups.
  • The ability to create an initialize (start) game method.
  • The ability to access other scripts through Inheritance to access another class attribute or property.
  • The ability to apply a Thrust mechanic for the player controller.
  • The ability to add Score.
  • The ability to create a special projectile type spawned from a power-up.
  • The ability to reduce the player Lives.
  • The ability to have a adjustable Ammo-count.
  • The ability to enable a player Shield.
  • The ability to Restart the game.
  • The ability to Exit the game.
  • The ability to add Post-Processing effects for game Juice.

Despite some game bugs, there are more features to implement in the future.




Game Developer focused in Unity with experience in Unreal Engine, Former Race Car Driver

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Zac Bogner

Zac Bogner

Game Developer focused in Unity with experience in Unreal Engine, Former Race Car Driver

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